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Engrossing, thought-provoking and entertainingBubno and Kocsis are captivating and their chemistry sizzles even as far as the back row – Budapest Times

Ancient uj2One night passes, or does it? In Ancient History, award winning playwright David Ives asks the question; can we ever escape a great love?

Ruth and Jack, a thirty something couple, are ‘tall thin and funny’, dancing to Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers while they poke fun at the world and have extraordinary sex. They believe they are perfectly suited. And so it seems, at first.

As they prepare for Ruth’s birthday party, cracks appear under the pressure of friends, family and cultural expectations. They may be wildly in love, but how well do they really know each other? And are they being honest with each other – or themselves?

Although the play is set in a New York apartment, the themes are universal; love, passion, culture, identity. 

Budapest Secret Theatre was founded in October 2012, to bring quality English language theatre to Budapest. Ancient History is their fourth show and they have rapidly established a strong following. For the latest show information, Like them on Facebook , or visit

Ancient ujWritten by David Ives, Directed by Virginia Proud

Anna Kocsis as Ruth, Márk Bubnó as Jack.

Set Design - Nannette Vinson
Lighting Design - Lojzi
Stylist - Beth Spisljak
Makeup - Eriko Sugimori

Produced by Budapest Secret Theatre



Ancient History by David Ives:


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